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High School

Stretch and Challenge CPD

Stretch and Challenge in the classroom is key in ensuring that students achieve their full potential academically, this in turn will open doors and provide opportunities for Further/Higher Education and Apprenticeships. It is therefore essential that classroom based colleagues at KHS are professionally developed to support and provide the right level of challenge for students in the classroom. Friday 11th February was one day dedicated to this professional development. Moira Sheehan from Sheehan Education planned a stimulating and thought-provoking event. The day was informed by a student voice, 156 KHS Sixth Form Students completed an in depth questionnaire about their time at KHS, reflecting on their needs, challenges and successes. Classroom colleagues were joined by six wonderful Sixth Formers Rithin, Vishil, Vidhi, Alex, Sway, Sanjnana, Abhishna who worked alongside teachers, keeping us 'on our toes' and supporting us with planning for our students. The day was a real success; lesson plans were created to stretch and challenge students across the school, new ideas shared among colleges and Sixth Form students and old techniques brought back to the surface and given a fresh lease of life!

Thank you to all the Sixth Form and classroom colleagues for making the day a success.