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High School

Sixth Form News - Debating Competitions back up and running!

On Wednesday after school, a group of sixth formers took part in a DebateMate online tournament in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). A big shout out to Jonathan Korn, in particular, for supporting the students on their journey by hosting weekly debating sessions, so the students could gain the confidence to stand up and debate as well as learn the rules of the game. Well done to:

KHS Team A 

Grace, Amonn, Lili and Danial

KHS Team B

Sharunya, Emily, Yasameen, Dylan, plus from Year 11, David (who impressed both teams by being the only person to know what the FCDO stood for!). 

Both teams acquitted themselves brilliantly - especially via Zoom rather than in-person. 

If you see the students, please congratulate them.