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High School

University of Greenwich Maths Session

Some year 10 girls participated in a Space, Sustainable Style and Sums online event in conjunction with the London Mathematical Society (LMS) and the University of Greenwich on Tuesday 14 December. This was a great opportunity to encourage KS4 female students to explore post-16 Maths study and careers in Maths, as well as supporting them with GCSE Maths content.  

Some of the topics they explored were

  • Use maths and data visualisation as an opportunity to explore and communicate the impact of sustainable fashion trends.
  •  Investigate the advantages of studying maths after GCSE and at university and explore some different options available
  • Consider some of the challenges faced with Space travel and their ingenious solutions drawing on knowledge of geometry and equations of motion along with reasoning, problem-solving and communication skills.
The session was thoroughly enjoyable and informative