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High School

'Mee Two Work Experience' by Warda from Sixth Form

''During the October half term, I did online work experience with Mee Two, concerning boy's mental health. We completed multiple tasks on how we thought would help improve the MeeTwo app and we were asked about why mental health is still a taboo topic, even though data shows that 40% of users are male. It was interesting to see people all round the country have similar ideas to mine. Although Mee Two is in its early stages, it is very well developed and is concentrated in peer support. The app is all about young people helping other young people. Their users are from the ages of as young as 11 all the way up to 25, and their messages are closely monitored. I enjoyed the work I did as I got to know more about what happens in the background; we briefly looked at the production and marketing side of the app as well. ''