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High School

Community Computer Classes at KHS

At Kingsbury High School we continue to care about the whole community and are proud to be offering our Community Computer Class to local residents who may not have been too familiar with the modern technology. Every Monday at exactly 6.20pm, a bunch of senior ladies meet up on Princes Avenue and catch up on their weekly gossip as they head towards K to start their class (the men are not as invested in their gossip!)

We want to thank all the members of staff who, over the last 15 years,  have helped these lovely people on their journey into the modern technological world, including Mrs Shah for all the recent help she has given with these classes. 

Over the years, these people have learnt an array of skills from making business cards about the classes to hand out to friends, making calendars, creating an invoice, writing letters, creating spreadsheets for finances, and the list goes on. However, for most of them, their first day began with learning how to left click and right click on the mouse. Now that they've learnt emails too, the staff get bombarded with lots of emojis!

If you would like to know more about these classes please get in touch with the main school office.