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High School

German Careers Fair

15 KHS students of German from Years 11 and 12, accompanied by me and Sandra Kelm-Pillemer, the German Language Assistant, took the Tube to Hyde Park Corner to attend the Careers Fair organised by the German Embassy. 

It was an opportunity for our students to get to know the representatives of German businesses, such as Hugo Boss, Commerzbank, Bayerische Landesbank, BASF, Bosch and Lidl, and find out how German could help them get a job at one of those companies and the students seized the opportunity enthusiastically, asking the business representatives pertinent questions and gathering useful information from them (including some really eco-friendly, German-designed pencils which can be "planted" after they are no longer of any use and they will then flower!!).

They also had the opportunity to design a German CV and take part in a quiz about Germany. An enjoyable and very informative morning was had by all!

Click here to view further photos of the trip. 

Steven Vadgama, Head of German