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High School

Cambridge Union Debating Workshop

Kingsbury High School hosted a  debating workshop run by the Cambridge Union  for Year 7 and Year 8 students.  Cambridge Union is the oldest debating and speaking society in the world and is renowned for its student debating competitions and public speaking workshops. 

 An important element of the workshop was to introduce students to the  British    Parliamentary  format for debating.  Sara Dehvari, a former Head Girl at Kingsbury High School, and  Abhiram Bibekar who study History and Physics respectively at Cambridge University  highlighted the merits of debating and how it helped them develop into critical thinkers. There were light-hearted debates on whether Jaffa cakes were cakes or biscuits and more serious topics like if the consumption of meat should be limited. The event culminated in a lively formal debate on whether social media should be banned - Yusuf Yusuf from Year 7 as the Prime Minister proposed the motion to ban social media stating it would lead to a fall in cyberbullying and was opposed by   Dhruvshaal  Gopal from Year 8 acting as the Leader of the Opposition who argued it would limit our means of communication. 

Lower School Debating Club will be starting soon!

The following students attended the workshop we look forward to see them develop into Kingsbury High School debaters: Laureta Krasniqi, Dhruvshaal Gopal, Paba Malawwethanthri, Sahanaa Krishnakumar, Bilqees Mahamed, Kelisa Anderson, Parth Varsani, Narges Amini, Safa Sajjad, Jiya Chandnani, Nakisha Bhanderi, Rhea Hirani, Bilal Ahmad, Amanda Fernando, Damaris Palagheanu, Bridie Wells, Jathushan Vivekananthan, Daniel Teleaga, Emira Sirer, Sebastian Sorescu, Sahar Khan, Gracie Gribbin, Jaafar Jaafar, Larsa Jabar, Mustafa Al Hayawi, Hassan Khan, Yusuf Yusuf, Agri Somasundaram, Garry Muslimov, Prasamsa Kandel, Yasmin Ibrahim, James Gribbin and Ines Ben Nasr.

Click here to see further photos of the  event.