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High School

Our students have been published!

'Mission Catastrophe' is the title of the book which features 36 KHS students, more than any of the other 7 schools in the book (including fee paying schools), which is an absolutely outstanding achievement.

We are very proud of Maira Khan, Zohair Shaikh, Ali & Mohammed, Sana Hashimi, Alka Hirani, Annam Islam, Ved Munshi, Karoline Mirkova, Hassan Hamid, Nilavan Jeyathasan, Luqman Yusuf, Humam Al-Qouraishi, Abdullah Al-Bumuter, Simon Habtemariam, Haris Baciu, Vrinda Parekh, Mobeen Majed Parvez, Clara Marlene Wilson, Johann Pereira, Larisa Julie Tiganescu, Zahra Jelali, Saif Alam, Acshayaa Kumar, Rayahn Stoute, Dravid Patel, Rutvi Shah, Abdullah Qarizada & Cartez, Kunal Menariya, Shanna Sabir, Larisa Nicoleta Silachi, Mohamed Riad Hachoud, Artur Zajac, Zara Zaman, Radek Dabkowski, Zeynep Alkabi, Khalid Abdi Nar and Hana Zia.

Thank you to all the parents, carers and especially the staff who encouraged and supported these talented students to write their stories, entering them and getting them published.