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High School

How is Kenya? We have heard the safari is excellent, we all would love to visit. It must be fun seeing animals in their natural habitat rather than in a zoo. :)

This week we were excited to send our first full set of letters to Chaddy Mission, one from each Year 8 Form. 

Talking about KHS, sharing information about our school and asking a lot of questions about Africa. We look forward to hearing what our new friends have to share with us. 

It was exciting to also receive a letter from their headteacher who explained the concept behind their school and the importance of why our support is so welcome. 

Our school has over 2000 students spread across two large sites, T & K. We are T based as we are in the lower school and it takes us around 5 minutes to walk to the other site. We have students from different countries, backgrounds and religions at our school making us a very diverse community.

 How is the situation in Kenya? I hope it is okay. In the UK we are in a national lockdown which means that we cannot go to school. Do you stay at home and do home schooling or do you still go to school? We have to use google meet and google classroom for our online learning. We rely on technology and devices a lot for our home schooling here in the UK.

 It is currently sunny here with a bit of wind and we had some snow last week. The weather changes very fast here in London. How hot is it where you are? What are your favourite subjects at school?

What do you do in your spare time? What sports do you like? What music do you like? Do you play

football? Do you play cricket? What do you like to eat?

 What things do you have in Kenya that we don’t have in the UK ?