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Year 12 Safe Drive, Stay Alive Trip

This week we found out that KHS Sixth Form out-performed local schools and colleges again in terms of our A-Level results and that continues too place us in the top 5% of sixth forms nationally. However, we aren’t just about exams. Helping shape well-rounded students is our mission, too!

As part of the Post 16 PSHE programme, the whole of Year 12 attended Safe Drive, Stay Alive at the Harrow Arts Centre: an annual event for KHS Sixth Form to help ensure students drive safely and know how to protect themselves as passengers when in a car. So here’s a problem to consider. You are in a car and the driver is driving unsafely - maybe they are showing off and driving too fast or perhaps they are over-taking cars unsafely. What do you do as a passenger if you feel too embraced to tell them they are driving unsafely? Here’s a solution - just say you feel unwell and you don’t want be sick in the person’s car: no-one wants you to be sick in their precious vehicle! So the driver will pull over, let you out and now you are safe to make your own way home - call a parent, get a bus or an taxi. Messages such as this were part of the 90 minutes presentation which was funded by TFL, London Ambulance, Fire Brigade and the Metropolitan Police. Students heard traumatic experiences of true accidents and it was hard to listen to victims of severe, life-changing crashes - all of which were down to foolish decisions on the road. At the end of the event one of the organisers commented on how amazing Kingsbury students were throughout the presentation: listening attentively and showing complete respect: never once looking at their phones! They were really impressed. TFL are not funding this event next year so we will be supporting the event to help them attract a new sponsor. Students will be exploring more about safe driving throughout the Pastoral Period on Monday 27 January whilst Year 13 will be exploring resilience.