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High School

Year 12 Young Enterprise: London Final results

The journey to the all London final at HSBC in Canary Wharf on Monday 3 June was a tough one: beating five top independent schools on the way to earn their place. 

However, the competition at the next level was even tougher: facing teams that were mainly from top independent schools once again. St. Paul’s School (which, incidentally, previously won the European final); Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School; Emanuel School (Independent) and Channing School (Independent). To give you an idea of the level of competition one team sang their presentation in rhyme! The overall winners, who deserved their place, it has to be said, were Channing School but Kingsbury High School were a credible ‘runners up’ with an amazing accolade from a key YE judge and senior manager at HSBC. With the level of competition being so fierce, our team were amazing and deserve credit for getting so far.