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High School


Music surrounds us in everyday life, and it is essential that we provide students with a toolkit for understanding and experiencing music on a deeper level. Active music making enriches students' lives and fosters a love of the subject, building imagination and intellectual curiosity. Scientific research indicates that studying music also benefits students’ studies in all other subjects including developing language and reasoning, mastery of memorisation, increased coordination, emotional development, pattern recognition, self-discipline, special awareness, teamwork and self-confidence.

Curriculum & Assessment

Exam Qualifications

Year 9 Options

Choose this subject if...

• You play an instrument or would like to start learning an instrument.
• You enjoy making music.
• You enjoy performing and/or making music using computers.

Future career / further education options...

As a subject, music is highly thought of by universities and employers. After studying Music GCSE, you could go on to study Music at A Level and then at University.

There are a wide range of career options within the music industry including performance, but also AV technician, Publisher, DJ, Broadcaster, Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, Session Music, Teacher, Music Journalist, Composer and Songwriter.


  Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3
Name: Performing Composing Appraising
Assessment: Coursework Coursework Exam
Weighting: 30% of GCSE 30% of GCSE 40% of GCSE


Programme of start the day right, lunchtime and after school rehearsals/clubs which generally includes

  • Mixed Choir
  • Boys Choir
  • Kingsbury Ensemble (mixed instrument and ability)
  • Keyboard practice club
  • Rehearsals for massed finale Winter/Summer concert items
  • Musical (every two years)
  • Practice sessions allows students to practice independently and in student led bands

Concert programme includes

  • Winter Concert
  • Summer Concert
  • Friends and Family Concerts (3/4 per year)
  • Performances whole school events including Year 8 Graduation, Evenings of Celebration and Open Evening

All KS3 students are invited to take part in the Winter and Summer concerts in the concert finale which is a massed item including singing and a wide range of accessible instrumental parts. Additional rehearsals take place during Start the Day Right to facilitate rehearsing the large numbers involved.

Instrumental lessons are available for students to opt into on a wide range of instruments. It is expected that if students follow a GCSE or A level course they undertake instrumental lessons. Lessons are provided by Brent Music Service teachers.

Where possible students are taken on concert trips to hear professional musicians perform live.

Projects with external partners; The department actively works with Brent Music Service and other partners (RPO, ENO, Music for Youth, Laurel Swift-Travelling with Thomas) and as a result have been and continues to be involved in outstanding projects. These have included for example;

  • 7Up (RPO)
  • London Youth Choir: Brent Boys Sing
  • ENO Carmen project
  • Brent Makes Music (at Wembley Arena)
  • Music for Youth Regional Festival
  • Travelling with Thomas (Laurel Swift)


Head of Faculty:  Lucy McNeil

Head of Music & Expressive Arts: Emily Eastmond