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High School


Latin can be being transformative in young peoples’ lives as it offers them a unique learning experience and development of essential and highly relevant skills. Rediscovering the linguistic legacy of Latin within the English language and the languages spoken by our students, will sharpen their understanding of more complex and specialised vocabulary and help them to express themselves in eloquent and confident manner. The integral cultural and historical concepts will deepen our students’ understanding of the world that surrounds them. Latin will open numerous doors and become fundamental for students who will pursue careers in medicine, law, sciences or linguistics. The Latin order will aid our students to excel in coding and computer programming. It will be a sought after and unique qualification on a CV or UCAS application.

We endeavour to engage and include every student in this learning journey. The course and the methodology are structured to maximise our students’ participation in the lesson and maintain their curiosity. Students eagerly follow an intriguing story line as they learn about history of the Roman civilisation and its language. The resources include authentic materials and illustrations.  They also have access to engaging online resources that form part of the course. 

The lessons aim to be inclusive and cater for different needs. Teachers differentiate the tasks and facilitate different forms of pair or group work. 

Curriculum & Assessment

Exam Qualifications

This subject is not currently offered at KS4 or KS5


Possible trips to Bath ( Roman baths), British museum or St Albans Verulamium museum. 

Excel day working on Latin/Roman civilization projects. 

Possibility of offering a club for non Latin students.


Head of Faculty:   Ana Mesa Masa