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High School

This form must ONLY be completed if you have been asked to complete it by the KHS Admissions Team - this will not act as an application to the school, all applications to the school MUST be made with your Local Education Authority

We are delighted to welcome you to Kingsbury High School. We are thrilled that you have chosen to join the Kingsbury community and are looking forward to supporting your son/daughter over the next few years on their journey through the school.

You will need to have downloaded and completed all of the documents from the school's website to upload during this section.

Please note: You will need to submit a separate form for each child who is joining the school.
We recommend you open up the school website page on a second tab in case you need to go back to it for further information.
All questions with an * have to have an answer in order to submit the form.

Part 1: Form completion and uploading of documents

Part 2: Kingsbury High School Consent Declaration Form

Please make sure you have read the Parents Handbook before completing this Consent Declaration form. All questions MUST be answered.

I give consent for my child, named above, to take part in school trips and other activities that take place off the school premises, including all visits during the school day, adventure activities, off-site sporting fixtures both during and outside the school day.*
I give consent to allow my child to have a biometric finger scans which will be used to allow them to purchase items from the canteen.*


Occasionally, we take photographs of the pupils, because as a school we are very proud of the achievements of all of our pupils, and we want to be able to celebrate these achievements both within Kingsbury High School and with others. We may also want to report on special events which involve our pupils, such as visits from well know people and involvement in activities such as sports. We may use these images in our publicity or the school’s prospectus or in other printed publications as well as on our website. We may also make video or webcam recordings for school-to-school conferences, monitoring or other educational use.

From time to time, our school may be visited by the media who will take photographs or film footage of a visiting dignitary or other high profile event. Pupils will often appear in these images, which may appear in local or national newspapers, websites or on televised news programmes. When these have been submitted to or taken by the media Kingsbury High School has no control over these.

We have put the following measures in place to protect your child:

The aim of the photographs and videos is to celebrate your son’s and daughter’s achievements and share this through our website, social media platforms and published media
- We will always ensure that anything we publish shows your child in a true light
- We will ensure all pupils are dressed appropriately when taking photographs and videos
- We will store images on the school’s central computer network with access controlled by passwords restricted to authorised employees of Kingsbury High School and protected by modern firewall software.

I give consent for these photos and videos to be used for internal presentations within school.
I give consent for my photos and videos to be used in Webinars and newsletters, which are shared with parents and are on our website.
I give consent for these photos and videos to be used on our social media platforms, marketing material and website.
I give consent for the photos and videos to be shared with local and national press.
I give consent for the school to add my son's / daughter’s name, class, sports team or club name along with any photos or videos taken.
I give consent for the school to add my son's / daughter’s name, class, sports team or club name without any photos or videos taken.
I give consent for the school to teach my child live recorded online lessons in the event of a school closure (these recordings will not be shared outside of the school)

Part 3:

We have provided information on the school website that will help you settle in to Kingsbury High School as a student and a parent ( Below you will be asked a few simple questions about the information provided.

Please confirm you have reviewed / watched the online admissions information about the school*
Please indicate which year your child is joining*
We will where possible assign you son or daughter to their prefered language. What language would your son/daughter prefer to study in years 7, 8 & 9?*

Stage 3: Stage Leader Meeting

You have successfully completed this section of the online admissions process - after your information has been reviewed, you will receive an invitation to a meeting with the Stage Leader.