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High School

Head Boy & Head Girl Welcome

Andrei Dohotaru

Head Boy  2020-2021

I have attended Kingsbury High School since day one of Year 7 and, since then, I have been thankful that I made this choice. Kingsbury High School puts a strong emphasis not only on academic excellence and striving for excellent grades but also on making its students healthy, confident and well-rounded individuals with great career prospects ahead of them. 


Since Year 7, I have attended various clubs and activities that the school has provided including being a member of the school’s football team, taking part in debating and being a member of the school’s Model United Nations team. These activities, along with my studies, have shaped me into an individual who likes to take challenges head on, learns from mistakes and is able to develop and improve. I have developed some very important skills during my time at Kingsbury namely improving my public speaking as well as building up strong resilience. I have seen these qualities manifest themselves not only in my academic life but also in my life as a whole. Kingsbury High School has nurtured not only my academic progress but also a positive outlook on life’s challenges. 


During the Transition and Foundation Stages (Years 7, 8 and 9) students enter a welcoming school environment and are encouraged to meet new people both within their form groups as well as beyond them. Since day one, I began making friends and interacting with my peers and teachers which made the jump to high school much more manageable. As students reach the Examination Stage (Year 10 and 11) they are taught not only how best to approach their exams but are also thoroughly supported with regards to their mental health and physical well-being. Start the Day Right sessions during this time focus heavily on how to cope with stress, balancing work and social life and keeping healthy. This, therefore, is what makes Kingsbury High School unique; the staff encourage students to build healthy habits that will aid them through their life beyond school. The students become more conscious about wider skills that, when developed, will help them beyond their high school journey.


As    a student of Kingsbury High School, I have always felt valued and supported. I have been taught to view every obstacle as an opportunity to build a strong and resilient character rather than as something that may lead to failure. My teachers and peers have played a vital role in my academic success, making me optimistic about my post-18 prospects. 


Priya Bharadia

Head Girl 2020-2021

'Spectemur    Agendo: judge us by our actions’ - Kingsbury High School’s motto has guided me through my secondary education, and continues to shape me as a person.  The supportive learning environment means every KHS student is capable of achieving their potential.  Staff members work incredibly hard to support and guide students throughout their educational journey.  Kingsbury High School has taught me that - by working hard - the sky is the limit as to what you can achieve.  


KHS has provided me with countless opportunities that allowed me to flourish both academically and personally.  For example, I was able to visit the House of Commons as the school’s Brent Youth Parliament representative. I also participated in school plays, public speaking competitions, and debating tournaments held by the Oxford and Cambridge Union.  These experiences have improved my confidence and public speaking skills immensely.  The school offers opportunities for students to expand and explore their academic interests beyond the curriculum, through the Debating Society, the EPQ, and Model United Nations.  Students are bound to find extracurricular activities that cater to them.  Kingsbury High School offers a wide variety of clubs for every year group, ranging from chess and cooking, to football and choir.  These clubs and societies are also a great chance for students to socialise and relax during the school day.


The atmosphere at KHS is unlike any other.  Teachers and students feel part of a single community through Excel Days, sports tournaments, and charity events.  The friends I have made since Year 7 have become a second family to me, and I will always look back fondly at the memories we made over the last six years.  The KHS curriculum not only develops students who are ready for higher education, but also for a rapidly changing world.  Kingsbury High School has definitely equipped me with the skills and knowledge to prepare me for the future.