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High School

Kingsbury Guarantee - Year 9 Graduation

Introduction and Aims

At Kingsbury High School we aim to develop the whole child throughout their journey with us. We believe that schools should not be exam factories, but instead, a place for our young children to flourish and grow as individuals. Throughout the Foundation Stage years, our students partake in the Kingsbury Guarantee. This is a two year process which starts at the beginning of Year 8 and concludes with a Graduation ceremony in May at the end of Year 9. We aim to deliver a rich, broad and diverse curriculum inside and outside of the classroom which will help to develop your child on their journey to adulthood. The key aim is to teach our students about key life skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork, creativity and problem solving. These skills are then blended with key organisational skills such attendance, punctuality and effort levels which will enable them to flourish in their working lives post Kingsbury High School.

Graduate Process

The skills are delivered to students through various avenues over the 2 year period. Students can gain important skills on our Excel days, PSHE sessions, Extra Curricular trips and clubs, School Council and many more. Students must then log the skills they have learnt on an online portal called ‘Unifrog’. Please use the 'Unifrog' section below for further help on how to use Unifrog. Pupils must also meet certain thresholds on 7 other criteria; this is shown on the ‘Tiers and Assessment Grid’ section below.

Pupils are regularly asked to self assess where they are on the grid and to think about what tier they would be graduating with. A few weeks before the ceremony, all of the data is collected and a decision is made on each of the student's final Graduation tier.

Tiers and Assessment Grid

Unifrog Competencies - This is the online portal that students must upload their skills and attributes too. Pupils have opportunities at school to complete this but it is recommended that throughout the 2 year programme, they update all work as they complete it.

Attendance - We know that there is a direct link between high attendance and high success in exams later in school life. To Graduate with Distinction you need to be at school for 95% or more. We take into account serious injury or illness.

Lates - In any walk of life, being on time is a very important skill. We expect pupils to attend lessons on time and arrive at school on time.

Attitude to Learning - During the year teachers will assess students on a 1-4 scale. 1 = Excellent and 4 = Cause for concern. All of the student's scores are collated and then an average is worked out. 

Positive Behaviour Points - Graduation does not take into account how many negative points a student gets, we just count how many positive points they have gathered. Students can receive their points for excellent classwork, homework, helping around the school and for receiving postcards from staff at the end of each half term.

Extended Projects - Each Faculty area delivers one piece of extended homework during the Foundation Stage. This is marked on the same scoring system as the attitude to learning from 1- 4. The school only takes the students best 6 scores from around 12 projects submitted. This means that if some of your projects in Year 8 did not score as high as you wished, you have the opportunity to rectify this in Year 9.



Graduation Timeline for Years 8 and 9



Autumn 1 Year 8

Introduced to students on Google Classroom, assemblies and through STDR.

Letter sent to parents of year 8 explaining the Graduation process.

Autumn 2 Year 8

Pupils log in to Unifrog during STDR and enter their first competency.

Spring 1 Year 8

Year 9 Unifrog ambassadors are buddied with year 8 tutor groups offering support.

Spring 2 Year 8

Excel Day time is given to complete Unifrog competencies

Summer 1 Year 8

Letters home to praise students who are near the top tiers of Graduation. Letters and calls home to those at risk of not Graduating.

Summer 2 Year 8

End of year updates given to students so they are aware of what tier they are currently close to achieving and where they need to add further work.

Autumn 1 Year 9

Introduction of Year 9 Grid and new expectations through assemblies and STDR.

Autumn 2 Year 9

End of term Graduation update given to pupils.

Spring 1 Year 9

Year 9 Assembly performances 

Pre Graduation Support Plans begin to help those at risk of not Graduating.

Spring 2 Year 9

Graduate Support Plans for those who do not pass the pre GSP.

Summer 1 Year 9

Ceremony - Early May


All students have been given log ins to Unifrog and have practised logging in during STDR and their ICT lessons. If your child is still having issues, please ask them to speak to their form tutor at the earliest convenience.

Students should log in and then scroll down to click on ‘Competencies’.



During the Ceremony, each student is welcomed onto the stage to receive a bag with gifts to celebrate their efforts. Their tier is read out and parents have an opportunity for a photo. We will update parents of Year 9 students closer to the event.

At the end of the ceremony a Head Boy and Head Girl are announced. These awards are given by the Headteacher and reward the boy and girl who have made the biggest contribution to the school over their time in the Lower School.



Please click on the attached booklet 'Kingsbury Guarantee Competencies' for further guidance on Unifrog.

If you have any further enquiries regarding the Graduation please do not hesitate to contact Mr Froy, Foundation Stage Leader, at