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High School

The Kingsbury Curriculum Overview

At Kingsbury High School we recognise that our curriculum is vital in preparing our young people for future success.  We, therefore, offer all our students a curriculum which is full of opportunities and challenge that will enable them to develop the knowledge and skills they will need throughout life.  

Our curriculum is built on three pillars – inclusivity, engagement and relevance – which are the guiding principles for the provision for each student at Kingsbury High.

For further information, contact: Anton McLean, Head of School -

Transition Stage

The Transition Stage is Year 7.  Students join us from our feeder Primary Schools – Fryent Primary School, Kingsbury Green Primary School, Oliver Goldsmith Primary School and Roe Green Junior School – as well as a number of other local Primary Schools in and around Brent.  Students are based at our Lower School site at Bacon Lane.  At this stage we focus on helping students to build on their learning from Primary School as they develop subject specific knowledge and skills.   Students who have arrived to us not having met the expected standard in their Key Stage 2 SATS are placed in smaller classes and follow a differentiated curriculum in order to get them caught up with their peers by the time they reach Year 8.

Transition Stage (lessons per fortnight):

Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage consists of Years 8 and 9 as students complete their Key Stage 3 curriculum.  They build on their learning from the Transition Stage and in Year 9 they begin making their choices for the qualifications they will gain in the Examination Stage.  Students also begin their Religious Studies GCSE at this stage in Year 9.

Foundation Stage (lessons per fortnight):
English & Literacy 8 8
Maths 6 7
Science 6 6
Geography 3 3
History 3 3
Religious Studies 3 4
French / German / Spanish 4 4
Computer Science 3 3
Physical Education 4 4
Art 2 2
Dance 2 1
Drama 2 1
Music 2 2
Technology 2 2

Examination Stage

Students begin the Examination Stage in Year 10, when they move to the Upper School at Princes Avenue. The vast majority of students follow an English Baccalaureate (EBacc) curriculum – English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Sciences, a Language and Geography/History.  An alternative pathway is provided for students who may struggle to access the full EBacc curriculum.  Students gain their first qualification in Year 10 – Religious Studies GCSE - with the remaining qualifications achieved in Year 11.

Examination Stage (lessons per fortnight):
English 8 8
Maths 8 8
Science 12 12
Religious Studies 4 -
Physical Education 3 4
Pathway Column 1 5 6
Pathway Column 2 5 6
Open Option 5 6

Advanced Stage

The final part of the Kingsbury Curriculum is the Advanced Stage in the Sixth Form.  We offer a wide range of A Level subjects which are linear, two-year courses.  The Option Columns structure enables students to construct an individual programme according to their aims and interests.  The Access to A-Levels pathway is for students who attain slightly lower (around 4s and 5s) than required grades at GCSE for A-Level study, but who still want to achieve these qualifications.

Advanced Stage (lessons per fortnight):
A Levels 8 10
Access to A Levels 10 -
BTEC 10 10