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High School

At Kingsbury High School we are committed to ensuring that students and parents understand the importance of STEM in their lives and the lives of others, to see the value and transferability of STEM skills, to develop employability skills needed to be successful in STEM and see be aware of the wide range of roles available within STEM industries. We challenge the perception that “STEM isn’t for me” and we are working to increase awareness of study routes and labour market information.


Through a variety of extra-curricular activities such as visits and competitions and through our curriculum we plan for learning through STEM activities. The STEM approach is more hands on and a fun way to approach learning and if students are hands-on they are more likely to be engaged with the learning. At its core, this practical approach helps students to retain more information and understand concepts better and can help cement key scientific concepts through practical application

Key opportunities at KHS

  • Big Bang Science Festival
  • Shell Bright Ideas challenge.
  • Talks from The Dyson Institute
  • Imperial Out reach Scheme- STEM Departments


Technology and Engineering

The department curriculum is inclusive and designed to give all pupils the skills to develop their knowledge and understanding through practical application. This includes the cultural capital to be aware of many areas of the economy that are traditionally associated with the Creative, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries. The subject(s) offer real-life skills that help to prepare students for the changing world they face when moving into the world of employment and potential careers in STEM.

  • STEM workshop & careers guidance
  • Leadership in STEM mentoring programme
  • Practical Projects delivered linked to specific careers
  • Introduction of Engineering GCSE


We are proud of the work we are doing to ensure students are aware of the importance of STEM in their future careers, we have carefully built schemes of work around careers, drawing upon students interests, creativity and problem-solving skills- considering that many will work in careers that haven’t yet been invented! We are passionate ambassadors for ‘girls in coding’ and have won……. Always prepared to challenge the perception “STEM isn’t for me” We have a long-standing partnership with Capgemini who offer our students exciting opportunities and constant support.

  • Computing Club for Girls
  • Apprenticeship insights events
  • Webinars and ‘Learnathons’
  • Business network events