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High School

Measuring And Assessing The Impact Of The Careers Plan

Measuring the Impact

Measuring the Impact of the Careers Curriculum

How the School measures & assesses the impact of the careers programme on pupils - September 2020-21

  • The school is using the ‘Compass evaluation tool’ to assess ongoing progress in relation to the eight Gatsby Benchmarks
  • The school has a ‘Careers Plan’ in place to track progress in relation to this year's priorities and the eight Gatsby Benchmarks.
  • The ‘Careers Plan’ is reviewed termly.

The following steps are in place to evaluate the effectiveness of its careers programme each year.

The evaluation cycle involves:

1. Review of the objectives of the programme with a focus on outcomes for learners & assessing if the objectives have been met

2. Using feedback to adapting the programme to continuously improve it so it meets the objectives


The evaluation also involves looking at a range of evidence such as:

  • Attainment
  • Progress
  • Options pathways
  • Destinations data
  • Feedback from students e.g. their understanding of different careers and pathways​

The school’s next strategic review of the Careers information published is: Autumn Term 2021.