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High School

Careers Lead: Jennifer Kincaid


Telephone:  020 82063000 Ext 276

Our aim as a school is to provide an inclusive, effective and stable careers strategy which raises our students’ aspirations throughout the entirety of their school career and beyond. To achieve this, we strive to address the needs of each student by providing them with enriching career and educational related experiences and guidance, to ensure they are fully equipped with the knowledge they are entitled to, to enable them to make informed decisions about important life and school choices

 Connexions Officer: Connie Collie


Telephone: 020 82063000 Ext 137

I ensure KHS students receive accurate, relevant and up to date information, advice and guidance about their post 16 options. It's crucial that students receive this support, so they can make the right decisions for their future, this may be A’ Levels, BTECs or Apprenticeships. We aim to ensure all students are on the right path for their future before leaving school and if students are undecided, we will support them post 16.

I look forward to meeting all the Year 11’s, as well as any other year groups that need support around study at college or university, training or career options.