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High School

'The range of opportunities available for our students' futures seem almost limitless.  Our aspiration is to open our students' eyes to this breadth of opportunity not by describing every possibility but by providing experiences, skills and knowledge to make them enthusiastic and able to find them for themselves.' 


Our aim as a school is to provide an inclusive, effective and stable careers strategy which raises our students’ aspirations throughout the entirety of their school career and beyond. This is important in order to ensure that students are able to be adaptable, dynamic, innovative, flexible, resilient, self-initiating and collaborative to accommodate and thrive in workplaces, or to create work for themselves. To achieve this, we strive to address the needs of each student by providing them with enriching career and educational related experiences and guidance, to ensure they are fully equipped with the knowledge they are entitled to, to enable them to make informed decisions about important life and school choices.  

Kingsbury High School is a Unicef Rights Respecting School (see what is a Rights Respecting School?). The key aspects that link with our careers offer are:

Article 6: I have the right to life and to succeed to the best of my ability.

Article 28 & 29: I have the right to learn and go to school and be educated - with no cost. Education must develop me as a person together with my ability - so I become the best I can be.