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High School


Studying business allows  students to become effective and independent learners, alongside becoming critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds. This in turn, will aid students when they investigate and analyse real business opportunities and issues, and construct well-argued, well-evidenced, balanced and structured arguments to demonstrate their depth and breadth of understanding of business.

Students will apply knowledge and understanding to different business contexts. These include businesses ranging from small enterprises to large multinationals and businesses operating in local, national and global contexts. Furthermore, students will develop an understanding of how these contexts impact on business behaviour.  Learners will also be able develop and apply quantitative skills relevant to business, including using and interpreting data.

Year 9 Options

Choose this subject if...

you have a genuine interest and passion for Business Studies, alongside possessing good numerical and written skills.

Future career / further education options...

GCSE Business provides a strong foundation for employment, with students progressing, with further training to a wide range of careers training such as banking, sales, product management and general management.   The knowledge and skills gained from GCSE Business support students’ entry into employment or other training in specific aspects of business, such as apprenticeships and vocational qualifications which focus on more specialised business areas.


  Paper 1 Paper 2
Name: Investigating a small business Building a business
Assessment: Exam Exam
Weighting: 50% of GCSE 50% of GCSE



At KS4, we offer a Business Studies revision club, whereby we offer additional help and support to students.

At KS5, students attend Tutor2u revision workshops, where they receive further specific exam technique and essential revision material.


On the course, students are taken to visit businesses that form the main part of the unit being focused on, to aid them with the application of business theory to their coursework.


Head of Faculty: Paul Fuller 

Head of Business & Economics: Prity Gorsia