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High School

September Bridging Work

Why do bridging work? 

Bridging work should help you gauge whether the subject is for you, so you can change your mind at enrolment – as long as there is space and you meet the entry criteria. We would rather you studied courses that interest you and you are sufficiently qualified to study.

**2019 Bridging Work will be available on this page from Wednesday 17 July**


Is there bridging work for every subject?  

Yes. Every A level and Btec National, including Access to A Level courses has bridging work to complete.


Is the bridging work assessed?

Yes. In September, your subject teacher will ask for your Bridging Work and it will be assessed. It forms part of your Year 12 Grade Report. Teachers can diagnose your strengths and weaknesses and begin to support you in a more targeted way. Bridging Work also assesses your work ethic and so the sixth form team will pick up anyone with low work ethic and advise you about choosing other centres.


What if I choose a different subject in September?  Do I still complete the bridging work for the new course? 

Yes. You have a shorter period within which to complete the bridging work in September but it should take you no more than two evenings and some study periods.


Mr Senior 

Director of Sixth Form