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Careers Programme

The range of opportunities available for our students' futures seem almost limitless.  Our aspiration is to open our students' eyes to this breadth of opportunity not by describing every possibility but by providing experiences, skills and knowledge to make them enthusiastic and able to find them for themselves.

Our aim as a school is to provide an inclusive, effective and stable careers strategy which raises our students’ aspirations throughout the entirety of their school career and beyond. This is important in order to ensure that students are able to be adaptable, dynamic, innovative, flexible, resilient, self-initiating and collaborative to accommodate and thrive in workplaces, or to create work for themselves. To achieve this, we strive to address the needs of each student by providing them with enriching career and educational related experiences and guidance, to ensure they are fully equipped with the knowledge they are entitled to, to enable them to make informed decisions about important life and school choices. 

Kingsbury High School is a Unicef Rights Respecting School. The key articles that link with our careers offer are:

Article 6: Every child has the right to life. Governments must do all they can to ensure that children survive and develop to their full potential.

Article 28: Every child has the right to an education

Article 29: Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full.

Careers Curriculum Map

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Year 6: The Right School for You

Year 6 Open Evening Connexions/ career/ pathways information

The right school for you

Year7: Introduction to careers: Skills

Kingsbury Commitment

Assembly- Connexions

UNIFROG-  Career programme

Professional presenting

PSHE- Developing skills and aspirations

EXCEL day- Your life you choose

Lessons-careers week x2

Relevant opportunities x3

Year 8: Career discovery

Kingsbury Guarantee

Assembly- Connexions

START- Career programme

Professional presenting

PSHE-Community and careers

EXCEL days- Team building

Lessons-career week x2

Relevant opportunities x3

Year 9: Choosing the right options for me

Kingsbury Guarantee

Assembly- Connexions

UNIFROG programme

Professional presenting

PSHE- goals and options.

PSHE- employability

EXCEL day 2- Careers day

EXCEL day 3- Leadership

Lessons - careers week x2

Options - booklet

Relevant opportunities x3

Year 10: Planning for Post 16

Connexion interviews

Assembly- Connexions

UNIFROG programme

Professional presenting

PSHE- Preparation for work

PSHE- Financial decision making.

EXCEL day 3 & 4- Careers

EXCEL day 5- University trip

Lessons - Career week x2

Relevant opportunities x3

Year 11: Post 16 & Beyond

Connexions interviews

Assemblies from 6th form x2

UNIFROG programme

Post 16 options & next steps

Open day KHS & more

PSHE- Application processes

EXCEL day 2- Sixth Form Interviews

EXCEL 3- Leadership work

Lessons - careers week x2

Year 11 Post 16 Interviews

Relevant opportunities x3

Year 12- UCAS

Connexion Interviews

Pathways CTM

Induction day- insight day

UNIFROG programme

EXCEL 3: Employability day

EXCEL 4: University Visits

EXCEL 5: Team building

UCAS applications/lessons

Skills London Visit

Apprenticeship support

Higher Education Evening

Employability Day

BTEC Experience

Year 13: World of work

Connexion Interviews

Pathways CTM

Induction day- insight day

UNIFROG programme

EXCEL 3: Employability day

EXCEL 4: University Visits

EXCEL 5: Team building

UCAS applications/lessons

Skills London Visit

Apprenticeship support

High Education Evening

Employability Day

BTEC Experience

Your Future

Present in assemblies

Professional presenting to groups.

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"Working as an apprentice allows you to met a whole host of people that have relevant connections to your industry, both through the business itself as well as training and other apprentices. Developing relationships within the industry is a huge benefit and can prove useful when going forward with your career. Many industries are now seeking to hire bright and innovative students into the workplace and it’s important that we prepare Kingsbury High School students ready for this opportunity."

Marika Creeber, UCAS Coordinator

All students with an EHCP  receive direct support from SEND (Special Educational Needs), the TCR (Total Communication Resource) or EAL (English as an Additional Language).  The students receive  structured careers and transition support advice from Year 9 to 13.

We also work in close collaboration with the Brent Connexions Team, who are specialists in advising students in career pathways, and provide additional support. 

At KS4 Life Skills Teacher delivers additional units to support post-16 routes. We liaise with all parents of our EHCP students  and  during the annual reviews we discuss the best career options based on their interest and abilities.

Measuring the Impact of the Careers Curriculum

  • The school is using the ‘Compass evaluation tool’ to assess ongoing progress in relation to the eight Gatsby Benchmarks
  • The school has a ‘Careers Plan’ in place to track progress in relation to this year's priorities and the eight Gatsby Benchmarks.
  • The ‘Careers Plan’ is reviewed termly.

The following steps are in place to evaluate the effectiveness of its careers programme each year.

The evaluation cycle involves:

1. Review of the objectives of the programme with a focus on outcomes for learners & assessing if the objectives have been met

2. Using feedback to adapting the programme to continuously improve it so it meets the objectives

The evaluation also involves looking at a range of evidence such as:

  • Attainment
  • Progress
  • Options pathways
  • Destinations data
  • Feedback from students e.g. their understanding of different careers and pathways​

All students in Years 7 to 13 are entitled:

  • To find out about technical education qualifications and apprenticeships opportunities, as part of a careers programme which provides information on the full range of education and training options available at each transition point.
  • To hear from a range of local providers about the opportunities they offer, including technical education and apprenticeships – through options events, assemblies and group discussions and taster events.
  • To understand how to make applications for the full range of academic and technical courses.
Opportunities for access

The school offers a comprehensive Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programme.

The school will make a suitable space available for discussions between the provider and students, as appropriate to the activity. The school will also make available ICT and other specialist equipment to support
provider presentations. This will all be discussed and agreed in advance of the visit with the Careers Advisor
or a member of their team.

Providers are welcome to leave a copy of their prospectus or other relevant course literature with the
Careers Advisor so that they can be displayed in the careers section of the school library.

A provider wishing to request access should contact Jennifer Kincaid, Careers Lead - jennifer.kincaid@kingsburyhigh.org.uk

Please click on the links below to view our Provider Access Policy and Application for Provider Access.

2023 Provider Access Policy

Application for Provider Access

What is Labour Market Information (LMI)?

LMI effectively describes the world of work – it ranges from descriptions of different careers, their entry routes, promotional prospects, salaries paid, skills and qualifications needed, etc.

Crucially for young people, LMI also covers future demand – what kinds of jobs will be in demand after leaving school and what kinds of skills will be needed. Our students should be able to have access to high-quality labour market information and earnings information, that will help them make decisions about their future

Learning from Careers and Labour Market Information

Understanding Labour Market Information (LMI) is becoming more and more important as the world of work continues to change at a rapid pace due to globalisation and technological advances. Students need to be aware of different job roles, what types of jobs will need more people in the future and the skills and knowledge that are needed by employers. 

LMI means finding out the following things about different job roles or career pathways:

  • What do people actually do in this job / industry?
  • How many people work in this job / industry?

  • How much do people get paid in this job / industry?

  • What qualifications do I need to do this job?

  • What skills or qualities do I need to do this job?

  • What are the typical working hours for this job?

  • What percentage of men / women work in this job / industry?

  • Where can this job / industry take me in the future?

  • Where are these jobs located around the country?

  • How many of these jobs will there be in the future?

LMI Bulletin

The Education Development Trust publishes a monthly Labour Market Bulletin. This will be published here every month to help you have more information supporting LMI.  

LMI Bulletin February 2023

LMI Bulletin January 2023

LMI Bulletin December 2022

LMI Bulletin November 2022

LMI Bulletin October 2022

LMI Bulletin September 2022LMI Bulletin August  2022


Carreerometer can be used to explore and compare key information about occupations, help you learn about different occupations and identify potential careers. It provides access to a selection of UK headline data relating to pay, weekly hours of work and future employment prospects for different occupations, as well as description of the occupation.

How to use the Careerometer

Simply type in the title of the job you are interested in and you will be provided with a number of options from which you can select the most relevant to you.  You can then add your second and third choices to see the comparison. You can also select ‘display the UK average’ and compare the information with the occupation you have selected.

Careers Lead: Jennifer Kincaid

Email: jennifer.kincaid@kingsburyhigh.org.uk

Telephone:  020 8206 3000 Ext 276

Connexions Officer: Connie Colli

Email: connie.colli@kingsburyhigh.org.uk

Telephone: 020 8206 3000 Ext 137