There are many volunteering opportunities available to Sixth Form students within Kingsbury High. The volunteering scheme is launched as soon as students start Year 12 and this is where they make their choices.


There is a wide range to choose from and the following is just a small selection of some of the choices:

Red Jacket Scheme

Volunteers to this scheme become affectionately referred to as ‘Red Jackets’. This unique and established opportunity aims to develop leadership and demonstrate responsibility. The ‘Red Jackets’ are well known throughout the school as their support is vital in the smooth running of day to day school life. ‘Red Jackets’ are rewarded for their commitment at the end of the scheme with an outdoor residential trip to Skern Lodge. 

Community Volunteering

Volunteers to this scheme spend time chatting to senior citizens in retirement homes, accompany them to school productions and organise parties and events for them. 

Duke of Edinburgh Assistant

Volunteers to this scheme help with training Year 10 students for their bronze award. 

Running Sports Clubs in Primary Schools

Volunteers to this scheme go in to primary schools and help run extra-curricular clubs in netball, cricket, football and speed stacking.