The Kingsbury Curriculum
The Kingsbury Curriculum during the years of compulsory schooling is divided into four stages:
Foundation: Age 11-13: Years 7 and 8
Acceleration:Age 13-14:Year 9
Examination:Age 14-16:Years 10 and 11
The Sixth Form: Age 16-19: Years 12 and 13


Our students now have a whole new range of experiences at Kingsbury High as they move through Year 7 and 8.

Changes include:

  • Students encountering fewer different subjects in the week: down from 16 to 8; this assists the development of good relationships
  • “Learning to Learn” integrated within Humanities
  • Students taught for a majority of the week in mixed ability classes
  • Schemes of work available on our website and in due course on “KLIC” – our new Kingsbury Learning and Information Centre
  • A new homework policy with the idea of extended projects introduced
  • New approaches to literacy and oracy
  • A “Kingsbury Guarantee” with experiences identified in each year to fulfil the guarantee and to make each year distinctive

At the end of Year 8, if they have met certain criteria, students will “graduate” from the Kingsbury Curriculum. Their pathway into Year 9 will depend upon how well they have been able to do that. The Year 8 Options Booklet can be downloaded by clicking here


To graduate, the student will need to have fulfilled the Kingsbury Guarantee with a portfolio showing their success over the two years.

They will also need to:

  • Show good progress academically in relation to what they started with
  • Meet realistic individual targets that teachers have set for them
  • Show the ability to be able to work in class without disrupting those around them
  • Be recognised to have gained social and citizenship skills
  • Achieve a good attendance and punctuality percentage


In Year 9, having graduated at the end of Year 8 with a firm foundation laid, some students will be ready to ADVANCE to GCSE standard, some will ASPIRE to GCSE standard and some will still need to ACHIEVE before they can move forward.

These are our three pathways in year 9, each a little different and each offering a limited range of options.


Likewise, we have three “tracks” in Years 10-11:

  • The E-Bacc track: focusing on the most traditional academic subjects – with an eye on entrance to the Russell Group of universities
  • The GCSE track: an all GCSE programme with a little more choice
  • The Flexi track: includes a BTEC course alongside GCSEs to enable options for age 16 to be kept open

You can find out what each faculty offers within these tracks by clicking on the faculty pages in this section.

Subject Assessment Grids

You can click on each of the subjects listed below to open up the relevant subject assessment grid. These will give you a clear structure of what skills our students need to demonstrate in line with the grades structure. 

The Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form, we offer traditional, two-year A level courses, with BTECs available alongside. We also offer a three-year pathway for students who have not quite made the grades for A level but would like to try out an advanced pathway. And we offer English and Maths GCSE to those who have not yet fully qualified at GCSE.

Full details of these pathways can be found by looking at the Sixth Form brochure. The faculty pages in this section will also tell you about the courses offered at this level. A Sixth Form reading list can be found via the Featured Content section on the right of this page.