Sport and Physical Activity at Kingsbury High form an important part of the life of the school. Through sport, the students and staff forge enduring relationships which have a significant bearing upon the ethos at the school.

It is our intention that each and every child should leave Kingsbury High having found personal enjoyment and satisfaction through sport and physical activity. There exists a very broad curriculum to include a variety of roles and activities and an even broader extra-curricular programme. Our work in sports leadership has been recognised as excellent and we have been awarded Sports Leadership Academy status.

This extra curricular programme offers engagement on three levels:

Enabling: Inclusive activities and clubs, targeted at students who lack confidence and experience and who are sometimes difficult to engage. These activities are varied and run by our leaders and outside agencies.

Enrichment: Our “Olympic Clubs” are open to all, varied in nature and time phased to allow a wide range of activities to be offered. Students are rewarded for their participation and engagement.

Year 7“Move IT”
Year 8 and 9"Activate"
Year 10 and 11"Sports Wave"
Year 12 and 13"Competition"

Extending: Kingsbury competes at local and regional level in a wide range of sports. Training and playing as part of a team has great benefits and students are encouraged to maximize their potential and compete at the highest available level.

The school is the hub of a School Sport Partnership and helps to drive sport and physical activity across Brent. We work with local and national organisations to create pathways into leading, officiating and performing. The number of school club links is growing as a result. Coach Education weeks support this work as do the many and varied projects which are undertaken.