Everyone Matters
E1M is our tutorial programme for students to work on during the dedicated time students have with their form tutors. E1M represents our school belief that Everyone Matters, and covers part of the Personal Social and Health Education curriculum.

A key area of focus is to ensure that students have the time to reflect on the knowledge and skills needed for setting realistic targets and personal goals. To help supplement this, students are given the opportunity to meet individually with their tutors to have one to one reflection time. To ensure that all voices are heard, E1M is our vehicle for School Council meetings, making sure our student voice is heard.

It is important, for students to succeed in all aspects of life, that they understand the importance of positive and stable relationships, how to deal with a breakdown in a relationship and the effects of loss and bereavement. To enable us to achieve part of E1M is the SEAL (Social, Emotional, Aspects of Learning) programme.

Another key area of focus is to ensure students can recognise and reduce risks in their life and are able to get help in emergency situations. As the majority of our students walk home from school on their own, it is important that they have skills to stay safe on the streets. Also with increasing use of the internet, it is important that students use the internet safely and are aware of the risks within it.

E1M is also our time to celebrate the diversity of our school, our local and global community. To ensure that Everyone Matters we celebrate the differences within both our school and our world. We ensure that students are aware of the impact of discrimination and how we as a school community can stand up to prejudice.