Kingsbury High School has a long-standing tradition of music making which is reflected in both the varied curriculum and opportunities outside of the classroom.

The Foundation stage of the Kingsbury Curriculum (Years 7 & 8) covers a wide range of musical styles and cultures where students are given the opportunity to learn using a number of instruments, as well as through the use of ICT.

Students who choose to continue with music at GCSE undertake the OCR specification. On this course students study a range of musical styles and develop their performance and composition skills. Students are also given the opportunity to continue onto A level which is currently taught as part of a consortium with Preston Manor High School.

All students are able to take vocal or instrumental lessons within the school day and the majority of students take a graded music exam each year. We are able to accommodate all choices of instrument and lessons are taught by highly qualified peripatetic teachers.

At Kingsbury High School there is an exciting extra-curricular timetable catering to the needs of all our talented musicians. Extra-curricular activities take place either at lunchtime or afterschool whilst a music theory lesson is available one morning a week.

The music department put on a concert each term showcasing the talent of our many soloists and ensembles and these are well attended by friends and family. There are further performance opportunities in assemblies and a programme of lunchtime concerts is in the pipeline.