English is a core subject taught at the Foundation, Acceleration and Examination stages of The Kingsbury Curriculum. Students then have the opportunity to continue their studies at A level. Media Studies is also a popular subject which students can choose as an option at both Key Stage 4 and 5.

During the Foundation stage of The Kingsbury Curriculum (Year 7 and Year 8) students are introduced to a variety of texts from different genres, encouraging students to have a broad and balanced view and to develop the skills needed for the acceleration stage. Students have three English lessons a week and one designated literacy lesson solely focused on spelling, punctuation, grammar and comprehension skills. The faculty has also launched a ‘Reading for Pleasure’ programme, aimed at making reading a part of the daily diet for every Kingsbury High School student.

In the Acceleration year (Year 9) students prepare for the rigour of GCSEs by exploring key texts needed for the Examination stage and developing planning skills by completing various controlled assessments. There is also increasing emphasis being put on literacy skills at this stage.

During the years of Examination Year 10 students will be embarking on the new style GCSEs. These will be assessed at the end of Year 11 and will be 100% examination. Students in Year 10 and Year 11 will undertake the study of two separate qualifications:  English Language GCSE and English Literature GCSE. The examination board is AQA. The new curriculum encourages a love of Literature and the ability to explore more challenging 19th century fiction and non-fiction texts.

For English Language and English Literature, we recommend students familiarise themselves with the following:
An Inspector Calls
Jekyll and Hyde
The Conflict section of the 2015 AQA poetry anthology
A range of unseen poetry
A range of non-fiction and fiction extracts

During the years of Examination Media Studies students are studying for their GCSE in Media Studies with the WJEC Exam board. The course explores how Film, TV and Magazine Publications use narrative, representation and genre to appeal to their audiences. Students investigate many different media products including, horror films, TV Crime Dramas and Fashion Magazines.

The course is 50% coursework and 50% exam. Students learn and develop the following key skills and knowledge:

  • analysing media texts
  • evaluating the impact on audiences
  • creative and design skills
  • self-reflection skills
  • learn how the media industry is structured and runs as a business
  • how to use Photoshop and Editing software to make their own media products

In the Sixth Form, Year 12 English Language and Literature is a one year AS course which combines the discipline of linguistic and literary study. The examination board is AQA. Students should familiarise themselves with the following texts:

The Lovely Bones
The Poetry of Roberts Browning
AQA Anthology: Paris
AQA Poetic Voices anthology
Revision Express AS and A2 English Language and Literature, Alan Gardiner
Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation

English Literature: The examination board is Edexcel.  Over the two year A level course, students will study the following texts:
A Shakespeare tragedy (eg Othello or Hamlet)
Shakespeare Critical Anthology: Tragedy
A Streetcar Named Desire
A Passage to India and Heart of Darkness or the Handmaid's Tale and Frankenstein
Poetry of the Romantics
Poems of the Decade: Poetry anthology 
Year 12 Language: The examination board is Edexcel. Over the two year a level course, students will study language variation (eg gender, dialect, power, technology) and child language. They will also conduct an independent investigation into language and produce a portfolio of creative writing. To give them a grounding in Linguistic terminology and the frameworks, students should read:
Revision Express AS and A2 English Language: Alan Gardiner
Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation


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In the Sixth Form, we offer three different courses including GCE A level in Media Studies, GCE AS Level in Film Studies.

The A Level Media Studies is a two year course where students will investigate and explore all aspects of the media, ranging from News papers to film. The emphasis is on how the media represents certain aspects of our society. Students will explore how narrative and genre is created and the impact this has on different audiences. They will also apply concepts and theories to their own production of a Magazine. The course is 50% exam and 50% course work where students in Year 12 produce their own Magazine front covers and double -page spread article and in Year 13 candiates are required to undertake an individual investigation into a specific area of study focused on one of the following concepts: genre, narrative or representation, students also produce their own individual production which can be audio - visual or print.

The AS Level in Film Studies is a one year course that explores a wide range of film theories and concepts. It allows students to develop analysis and evaluative skills as well as giving them an opportunity to use and develop their creative skills in their own film production. The course is 50% exam and 50% coursework where students analyse a film sequence of their choice and make their own film production.

Beyond the formal curriculum, literature students often visit the theatre to watch productions of the plays being studied. For Media students we visit local cinemas such as the Tricycle in Kilburn, the IMAX Cinema, BBC studios and the BFI library.

For more information, please contact:

Reetu Bali Head of Faculty
Safa El-Darsh Associate Head of Faculty
Gemma WhitmarshAssociate Head of Faculty
Michael Long English Co-ordinator
Martita Creeter  Media Co-ordinator