ESOL Classes

Free After School ESOL Classes at KHS

We are delighted to inform you about our new initiative to support the students and families who have recently joined our community from other countries. We would like to try to support the development of our students’ English language skills and also help the parents with their language learning so that they can get more involved with their child/children’s learning. 

From Monday, the 7th March, 2016, the school will launch free after-school ESOL classes for parents and students who would like to improve their English proficiency. Classes will be held twice a week, every Monday and Thursday, from 4:00pm to 5:00pm at Kingsbury High School on Bacon Lane. 

ESOL Class for students

The school is providing an opportunity for your child/children who may need to improve his/her English skills. Learning a second language can be both exciting and fun. With the hope that no child will be left behind, these after school extra English lessons will help them to boost their confidence and independence. It will also enhance their academic learning and encourage them to assimilate into the education system and their new environment more quickly. Improving their English level will provide a solid platform from which they can excel across all subject areas.

ESOL Class for parents

We believe that this is an exciting opportunity, as mastering English is a survival tool and an important vehicle in everyday life, a valuable part of every individual’s communication process. It is a life skill and gives you a sense of achievement when you are able to speak, use and think in another language. 

For parents who have little knowledge of English, this is an opportunity to improve your English language skills. It will help you to communicate with the school better, to support your children’s learning more effectively and to gain more opportunities in the job market, as language skills are an asset to any potential employer.

Meet the Team

 Ling Dee Zainab Khalil
 Georgiana Vincent Izabella Garbacz